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Factors to Consider in Cell Tower Leasing and Buyouts Agreement Contract

It is an undeniable fact that most of the wireless carriers build their cell towers on premises that are not particularly owned by them but in private properties. This therefore prompts the wireless carriers to look for individuals who are willing to offer their property for the tower to be built. An agreeable amount of money is agreed upon when the property owner allows for the company to build their tower and this therefore is referred to cell tower leasing and buyouts. The property owner and the wireless carrier company has to essentially come with an agreement contract that will regulate their undertakings.

First and foremost, the cell tower leasing and buyouts contracts often lead to a long-term relationship between the wireless carrier companies and the property owners. The time in in which the contract will last to how long it is going to take and when it is going to end has to be clearly stated on the agreement contract. Moreover, the agreement has to clearly state the amount of money that the carrier company has to pay as rent to the private property owner. Even though the wireless company has the mandate of paying the property owner some money, the amount are characterized by underlying factors that are agreed upon by both parties.

Consequently, the wireless carrier company has to ensure that there is a termination clause in the contract of the cell tower leasing and buyout contract. This basically ensures that incase the site is not suitable for the cell tower to be built due to occurrence of some problems such as loosing of permit to operate, then the carrier company is able to pull out. This is a major clause for the wireless carrier companies since it protects them against enforceable factors that might negatively affect the cell tower.

The major priority of all the wireless carrier companies is to ensure that they have adequately given a good provision of services to their customers. The wireless carrier companies therefore believe that they can achieve this by frequenting where their cell tower is located and making necessary checking’s. On the other and the property owner has to also ensure that his or her own customers get the full operation without any interruption which might be brought about by the frequent visiting. This will therefore necessitate to both parties agreeing on what time the wireless company is able to visit the premises without interfering the ongoing operations.

In summary, for the cell tower leasing and buyouts contract to be legal binding, then the services of an expert are needed. This will therefore need the wireless carrier company and the property owner to seek for the services of a lawyer. The responsibilities stated for either parties are therefore fully accomplished.

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