Tips For Remodeling A Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom can add a lot of value to a home in terms of resale value and quality of life for residents. When homeowners decide to update a bathroom, they have many decisions to make, and the process can be complex. The following are some expert tips for making plans and getting the best results from a bathroom remodel.

Start With A Purpose

Before choosing new fixtures and flooring, it’s important to clarify the purpose of the project and establish specific goals to achieve. The purpose will drive many of the decisions and steps in the remodeling process. For example, if the main purpose of the remodel is to increase a home’s resale value, owners need to know the current trends in new bathrooms and give buyers what they are most likely to want. If the goal is to update the space, homeowners should think about how they want to use the space and what improvements they want to gain.

Make A Plan

Once the purpose of the remodel is established, the homeowner can start sketching a design, either in words or images. One approach is to create an idea board by collecting images of colors, textures, and specific design features that would be ideal for the bathroom remodel. It’s also helpful to draw the outline of the space to scale and decide how the tub, shower, toilet, sink, and other furnishings will be arranged.

Figure Out A Budget

The next step in the planning process is to establish a budget and research the costs of bathroom fixtures, paint, flooring, and other details. A basic remodel that doesn’t require major plumbing or electrical work is likely to cost several thousand dollars, while a luxury remodel might exceed $100,000. Experts advise budgeting an extra 10-20 percent for unexpected needs.

Find A Contractor

Most homeowners rely on a contractor when they remodel a bathroom. Contractors can not only take care of painting, replacing flooring, and installing new fixtures, but they can also bring in other professionals, like an electrician or plumber, as needed. Contractors can also provide valuable advice about current trends and energy-efficient options based on their experience. Visit this site to learn more about the latest bathroom trends.