Taking a Bite out of My Shutters

My home has been mostly free of bugs since I moved into it, except for the occasional fly that gets in when I leave the door open too long. That’s why I was completely surprised to learn that I had termites. They had somehow eaten their way into the wall and started tearing apart my orange county shutters. I didn’t know this was going on until one day when one of the shutters fell down to the floor. It essentially collapsed when it hit the floor and I could see the termites crawling out of it and on the wall. It was like some kind of horror movie.

I couldn’t stand the sight of those creepy little bugs crawling around in my home, so I quickly ran to the closet to get my vacuum cleaner and sucked up all of the termites that I could find. I even used the wand attachment to vacuum out the crevices in the wall that were created by the termites. No matter how much I vacuumed, I still had goosebumps and couldn’t get the thought of them crawling around out of my head. I called a local exterminator to spray around the house, and then I repaired the wall and called another company to get new shutters to replace the ones that were damaged by the termites.

Since calling the exterminator and the shutter company, I haven’t seen any termites roaming around. I have no idea how they even got into my home. For as long as I’ve been living in this neighborhood, I’ve never heard anyone mention termites. Someone had to bring them into the neighborhood. Maybe someone brought some old wood or furniture that was infested with it. Maybe they were living in one of the trees that got knocked down by a big storm,.