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The Fundamentals of Cell Tower Leasing

The place where you see some equipment and antenna used for electronic communication is what you call the cell sites or cell towers that serve the use of creating a cell that will be used by a cellular network. These cell sites are then being formed in properties that are not owned at all by the wireless carrier and the tower company. In order for the carrier or tower company to have some access to the property, they must be able to have the owner of the property sign their cell tower lease agreement contract. If you own a property and some cell companies have found your property to be great at having their cellular towers, then you can give it a go and be getting huge sums of profit when you will be offering your property for cell tower leasing.

When you talk about the antennas of cell sites, you will notice that they are being placed on top of the buildings rather than on top of the towers. Cell towers may also be hidden among structures that look like sculptures or can be hidden inside preserved or artificial trees and these are what you call the stealth sites or the concealed sites. A lot of cell sites can be found on top of the roofs while some come in stealth form. In terms of cell antennas, on the other hand, you will even find them from chimneys as well as church steeples.

When it comes to sites that are being used by an exclusive phone company, you can see them to have a good number of base stations that will be used to host a particular air interface method. By going at cell sites, you will be seeing them to be coming with their own cell towers where the antennas will be mounted on as well as some control electronics, receivers and transmitters, GPS receiver, digital signal processors, shelter, and some backup electrical power sources. Keep in mind that these cell towers will come very handy for those who need some extra bandwidth when the emergent situations will arise.

Usually, cell sites will be placed among areas that have the most cellular networks users based on the concentration of such population. For one tower, they will have a particular number of cell phone calls that can be made through them. Basically, this means that there will be certain number of calls that people will be making from one cell tower. The spacing of tower sites will have to do with the number of people as well that make use of such network. It will take some 1 to 2 miles for the spacing of lowly populated areas. On the other hand, for highly populated areas, the spacing of the cell towers will be between 1/2 and 1/4 miles apart.

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