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Different Kinds of Patio Designs for Your Home

Concrete is becoming to be the popular choice of people for creating or upgrading their patios. The reason for choosing concrete is quite clear; it is cheap, lasts long, and very versatile. People have already discovered the many creative effects you can make with concrete and it can create a look of outdoor tiles and other great patterns. There are already many popular kinds of concrete patios and here are some of them.

One kind of concrete patio is the acid stained concrete patios which are very durable and very stylish. In this method, acid is poured when the concrete is still wet, and it reacts to the chemicals in it. In this type of concrete, colors mingle and blend that creates a natural stone look. Colors of the acid stained concrete will never fade and it will always be its color to the end.

If concrete appears coarse with whole pebbled and other bits and pieces seen in the slab, this is a type of concrete patio called exposed aggregate. The texture and feel of the concrete area is very interesting, and this can be enhanced by mixing colored glass or bits of tile in with the concrete before it is laid. You will have a unique patio if you use exposed aggregate concrete on our patio or on borders around your patio.

Perhaps your imagination of poured concrete is a simple gray slab that looks lifeless. Experimenting with concrete color is possible with poured concrete. Mix two different colors of concrete, excluding the gray color, and then lay them in a pattern. You could create your own outdoor checkerboard, or a concrete mural.

If you like the looks of tiles or pavers but you also want it to be sturdy and durable like concrete, then you will be happy with stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is made by pouring concrete on the patio and impressing designs and texture upon it using a stamp. There is no limit to the amount of patterns and designs you can create. Flagstones, brick, tile, stone, and sandstone pavers are the popular designs. Before concrete is poured and stamped with design, the concrete needs to be prepared with a specific dye.

There are just some of the many options you can have when you choose a concrete patio. The only limit to concrete patio design is your creativity, so if you have that talent and skill, then you can make your own concrete patio design which is not like the popular ones mentioned above and have the most unique patio in the neighborhood that your guests will envy.

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