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How to Earn Cash with Your Unused Diabetic Test Strips

It is important for people with diabetes to have blood sugar testing kits. Many of these diabetic patients are being supplied with many different test strips but because of oversupply many of them remain unused. The extra unused diabetic test strips will simply be thrown away because there is a certain period of time when the diabetic test strips are good, and then they expire. Today, you can sell these extra unused diabetic strips and earn a little profit for yourself. If you have unopened and unexpired test strip containers, then you can sell them and get some cash in return.

If you want to receive cash for your extra diabetic test strips, then you simply send your boxes of unused test strips to the companies that buy them. If you search online, you will find companies that buy unused diabetic test strips for cash. All you need to do is to inform the company the quantity of test strip boxes that you have and they will send you a box which is postage paid where you can put your test strips to send. When you have received the box, you can put all your extra strips inside and mail it back to the company and soon you will receive your check payment together with the affirmation. It is very easy to pack and send the strips. These strips are then gathered and made available to others. Just make sure that they are not broken in any way. If you send crushed box, it will not be approved.

Make sure that the expiration date of the test strips is more than 6 months away. Half the promised cost will be paid for test strips that will expire in less than 6 months. If the expiration is less than 3 months, then the test strips will no longer be paid. A lot of people need these diabetic test strips in many places. Prices vary for boxes of 50 test strips between brand names. If you lessen your possession of your diabetic test strips and sell some, then you can make some profit from it. If the test strips that you have is not enough to ship, then you can ask your friends and relatives if they have extras to give. If you can make money from things you don’t anymore have use of then you should make use of this.

Perhaps you are receiving more test strips regularly or at times. You will find many reason why people accumulate test strips. Sometimes doctors change the brand of your test strips and so supplies for our current brand will remain unused. It is also because you do not have to test yourself that often or the one using them is in a medical residence. These are just some of the reasons why people have extra test strips at home.

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